Etsy Promotional Tools – OwnTheHour

own the hour etsy prmotional tool
There are so many cool and useful promotional third party tools for Etsy cropping up it’s hard to keep up!

Own The Hour ( is the most recent one I’ve noticed.

The Own The Hour home page is a 12 spot showcase and for 50 cents you can purchase an hour long spot for one etsy item (your own or for another seller)!

Here’s what their site says about how they promote their site:

OwnTheHour purchases advertising on Facebook, Twitter, through Google, and other direct advertising partners that directly targets DIY and Craft related websites to attract sellers and Shopping, Gift, and Consumer based sites targeting keywords relating to handmade, unique gifts, and art to attract buyers.

Right now you can get 20% off your spots on OwnTheHour using promo code: holiday08

Go try out this very cool beta etsy promotional tool!


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