Make your own festive holiday cake stand!

I’ve been wanting a cake stand for a while now. What!? If I had a stand I would make cake right? It’ll be great. Cake for everyone!

I’ve been seeing people make cake stands out of a vintage plate and a vase or candlestick and they are always so pretty! I might buy one and I might make my own. I bought a cute little plate at Anthropologie on sale for like 3.00 and now all I need is a vase. Although, now that I think about it I would also have to buy special 6 inch cake pans…

Design Sponge has a great tutorial for making a vintage plate cake stand.

Savvyservers on Etsy has a very pretty and elegant cake stand made from a vintage floral Limoges plate. So pretty! Go check out her shop as she has several nice ones!


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    What a great idea! I was just thinking — you could go in a few different directions with the same basic concept and come up with some nice display options for tables at craft shows. My pet peave at craft shows is that most often, the displays are flat and stagnant. This would be a great idea to run with to create your own varied-height displays (maybe using lighter weight unbreakable plates, etc.) Hmmmmmmmmmmm, the wheels are turnin’


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