pirds and squillows and bases

Oh Hai! I can’t type!

A while back a friend of mine (Hai MamaPajama!) sent me a link to these cute pillows by Joom. I really like these, the designs are original and the prices are perfectly reasonable. She has a website and an etsy shop.

Sometimes I see a beautiful pillow for 60 or 80 bucks and I think, “OH RLY?” or “WANT! please to make more affordable!”. There have been a lot of discussions about pricing of handmade items on the internet lately and I am a strong advocate of people making a living off creative handmade stuffs. But 80 dollars for a pillow is crazie, so I think those people should CUT A FEW CORNERS or STREAMLINE their process. End Rant.

The thing that just made me pee my pants a little in excitement was the link at the bottom of her shop announcement… a nice little link (everyone should link to a friend on their shop announcement!) encouragement to go visit her friend prettyrandomobjects’ etsy shop.

BEHOLD! The squirrel vase! This baby is designed and handmade by Ms. prettyrandomobjects herself, here is her description of the process:

the vase was slipcasted from molds made from my original designs, the tail was added after pulling the vase out of the mold. Handcarved details on the outside of the vase

This has made my day.


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