Is there such a thing as a cranberry bog?

I have the internets and could look it up but I choose to be lazy about and just enjoy these turkey illustrations by sarahkdesigns.

She uses photoshop and scanned drawings to create these, incorporating painterly and photo realistic techniques. The turkeys are realistic looking but loom large perspective wise over the background just like in ornithological drawings from the 1700’s.

Check out this burrowing owl and swallow illustration drawn by Charles Lucian Bonaparte, 1803-1857. At first I was like, “Are those otters frolicking in the ocean in the background? Weird!” But, no. I think they are gophers, which makes sense since burrowing owls use the burrows of other burrowing creatures.

Did you know that there are many fine illustrations such as this owl one that are in the public domain? I found this one at the University of Wisconsin’s Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture. Be sure to check the permissions and copyright info before you use an image.


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