Quilting Arts TV: A Show Across Generations and Genres

A few months ago I got an e-mail from Jaime Guthals at Interweave Press. She wanted to share the news about Quilting Arts Television. Quilting Arts TV (QATV) is the new craft television show that launched this year on public television. QATV is hosted by Patricia (Pokey) Bolton, the editor in chief of Quilting magazine, and teaches the basic of art quilting techniques, including embellishment, mixed-media methods, surface design, stitching ideas, and quilt assembly. Jaime sent us the first 13 episodes to review for Indie Craft Gossip. I invited my mother Anna, a 15 year veteran quilter, to review the episodes for her expert opinions. So what follows is a mini interview/review from us both. Responses with an A (Anna) will be from my mom and responses that start with a J (Jamie) will be mine. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

What sets this show apart from other quilting shows?
A: QATV is quilting of another generation and arena. The show helps us explore new techniques and mediums that is different from traditional looks and applications. I love traditional ways in producing a quilt but I am always open to new way to create visual impact on my quilt.
J: I find QATV to be a great show for me because it is about multiple craft techniques across many art mediums. I believe I have always thought of crafting as a rather two dimensional craft. But after watching these episodes I have a greater appreciation for the ways to incoporate sculptural elements into fabric.

What episode/project did you like the most and why?
A: I enjoyed episode 102 Mixed-Media and 103 Embellishments and Encrustations . I gained insight on how I can make fabric out from paper collage and using the amazing angelina to make sheet of polyester fabric for embellishing.
J: I loved 105 Free-motion Quilting and Machine Needle-felting. I have a love of wool fibers and this was a great incorporation of needle arts and felting! The free motion quilting was very interesting and i think a nice break from the more structured and precision based quilting styles I am used to seeing. Definitely my kind of quilting!

What level of quilter do you have to be in order to watch the show and do these activities?
A: From my standpoint, anyone who has a basic understanding in constructing a quilt would enjoy watching these episodes. Quilter beyond beginner level may have the interest and drive to implement these techniques into his/her quilting. Otherwise, the shows educate and inspire the viewers to be more creative with tools application (sewing machines, computer, photocopier) and techniques on fabric and paper project.
J: I think you should have a basic knowledge about how to sew, cut and piece fabric. But what I like the most about QATV is that it’s about the new generation of fabric artist. The “Mixed Media” artist is someone who sees beyond the pieces of fabric and thread and tries to incorperate three dimensional objects, diffenet mediums, and other innovative elements to their quilting. I definitely started seeing the art of quilting as less about creating a utilitarian object and more about creating a painting or assemblage with fabric.

Who would you suggest watch these shows? Age group?
A: Anyone of any age who is open to learn new things. Any group from novice to professional quilters, scrapbookers and teachers who incorporate arts and crafts in their lesson plan.
J: I think men and women, teen age and above would be appropriate to watch the show.

Would you suggest this show to your friends and why?
A: Dying to share this new show with others. Sharing new ideas with others is a wonderful thing.
J: I think I would suggest this to many of my crafty friends. Even though I am not a quilter, I found a lot of very interesting techniques (felting, photo transfers, fabric painting, etc…) that I would use in many other realms of crafting.

We hope you’ll give QATV a chance!The exciting news is that KCSM, my local public station in San Francisco  picked up the show and is airing it on Sundays at 4:30 pm. The show is now airing in almost every market in the U.S. – some PBS stations are just beginning to air the first season and others are already onto season two. You can view the complete schedule online at http://www.quiltingartstv.com (Click on Station Finder / View All Schedules).

If you don’t have an episode airing in your neck of the woods you can check out this You Tube Preview to get a taste of the craftiness that QATV can offer. On the QATV website you’ll find projects, techniques and interviews with your favorite quilt artists. Log in to Projects and receive the Quilting Arts newsletter and free access to all of their designs and projects. Visit “stations” to find out where to see Quilting Arts in your local market or to request the program. Get inspired with Quilting Arts!


  1. kathy says

    I really dislike this show. I am a quilter, and can not see how this is considered a quilt show. It is all about arts and crafts. The only part I like a bit, is the end with Sue Houseman. This show should have a different title…. about art, NOT quilts!!

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