Indie Crafters Go Greener

clearbags.gifI know this is not necessarily “indie craft”, but I was excited to see that plastic and paper supplier Clear Bags has come out with a new greener line of plastic bags. I know many indie crafters rely on ordering bags such as these for their products…so why not go greener with your packaging? From the site “ClearBags introduces new Biodegradable Clear Bagsâ„¢, the Biodegradeable, Compostable, and Sustainable alternative to traditional packaging! ClearBags Biodegradable Clear Bagsâ„¢ use Earthfirst PLA film that is certified by the Biodegradeable Products Institute (BPI) and DIN Certco.”


And once you make the jump to getting plant based plastic and using recycled materials in your Etsy shop,  you can join the Eco Etsy Street Team!

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