Craftster Craft Challenge #27 – Light me up!

craftsterlogofoldonce.gif From the Craftster Site:Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own working lamp using a hardware store lamp kit? Maybe a lamp made out of something totally unexpected? Have you seen a beautiful but financially out-of-reach chandelier and thought, I should make my own? How would you like to try your hand at making a cool candelabra that totally reflects your own style? Well, now’s your chance! This month’s challenge is to create any kind of “light fixture” that’s all your own!

Your project can be made out of whatever you want. The only requirement is that:
(a) it actually works (via electricity, candles, battery-operated candles, etc).
(b) that it be awesomely creative, of course!

You can get ambitious and create your lighting fixture totally from scratch. Or you can totally revamp an existing light fixture.
Post your craft during the period of May 1 – May 5 2008. No sooner. No later. On May 1 there will be a special folder created for entries. Voting will happen from May 6 – May 12 2008. Each participant can enter ONE project. (Although your entry can have multiple components to it.)

It’s probably impossible to know whether your project is 100% original and has never been posted on Craftster or made by anyone else in the past. But if your project was definitely inspired by something you’ve seen before, then just give credit to that project.

A signed copy of the new craft book aptly named The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. And Mark is also throwing in some surprise crafty goodies provided by Fiskars!

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