Craftster Craft Challenge #26 – Dollar Store Challenge Round 2

Craftster is holding their second round of the the Dollar Store Craft Challenge. Leah Kramer, founder of Craftster writes:

I love dollar stores! You never know what craziness you’re going to find! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make something fabulous and hopefully totally unexpected out of items you buy at a dollar store that cost a total $10 or less. (Last time it was $5 but we’ll account for a lil inflation!)

You can also use traditional craft supplies glue, thread, etc but the main focal point of the project should be what you buy at the dollar store.

craftsterlogoboy.gifEntries are to be posted on the Craftster site from Apr 1 – Apr 5 2008. For more information on the challenge and to enter this fun contest follow this LINK.

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