NifNaks Felted Goods

nifnakstrio.jpgNifer Fahrion, is the creative genius behind NifNaks. An artist and crafter since childhood, she discovered felting wool in 2006 and it proved to be her crafty calling! Through NifNaks she has been creating a menagerie of fuzzy lovable critters, accessories and even felted flash drive holders! I have seen Nifer’s creations in person and was the lucky recipient of an Iggy The Inchworm lapel pin! nifnaksworm.jpgIt is the sweetest thing. So so soft and well constructed. All her products come with a detailed instructional card about the creation and how to care for it. It is very apparent her products are each special to her and for the people that take them home! Nifer lives in San Francisco, CA with two Sphynx cats, her partner, and two very creative housemates. Nifer says of herself “This life of mine has infinite whimsy, joy, beauty, and inspiration to offer.” And I do agree, because you can see it in every one of her clever felted creations!


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