Happy New Year!


Hope that you have a wonderful new years eve. Now is the time of year when we start to make resolutions to help improve our lives and the lives of the people around us. One of my bigger resolutions as a consumer is to go greener and support indie businesses as much as possible! buyhandmade2.png I cannot deny that it is easy to shop at the bigger commercial stores,  it is even better to seek out the indie artists directly. While many of these stores carry handmade goods, it only takes a few more clicks on your computer or a visit to your neighborhood boutique to support your local economy. Even though the holidays are coming to an end, remember that buying handmade can be a choice you make all year long! You can find out more about why buying handmade is important at the Buy Handmade website.


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    I agree and took the pledge back in october.. I want to support crafters and make their dreams come true! It’s a great resolution.

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