Snuggles Project: Craft for A Cause


With the holidays being here, I often think of ways to give back to our community and the Snuggles Project is a great way to give back to the homeless animals out there who need a little bit of warmth! You can donate your handmade blankets to local shelters in your area and help the poor dogs and cats who would otherwise have to sleep on cold hard floors. These “snuggles” help comfort animals who arrive at these shelters and studies have shown that animals comfortably resting on blankets are much more adoptable. These snuggles can even help the animal’s transition into a new home as it gives them a familiar object to seek comfort from as they adapt to new surroundings. This is a great way to use old yarn or fabric stash! These animals aren’t picky as to the colors- they just need a good snuggle, so check it out!picture-2.png


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