Indie Craft Gossip Give Away!

Ok folks! I really want to see more comments on the Indie Craft Blog! I know you’re been reading but now is the time to post a little love! Starting this month I’ll be hosting an INDIE CRAFT GOSSIP GIVEAWAY!

What is the Indie Craft Gossip Giveaway?
Everyone month on the 1st I will offer an indie goodie of craft supplies, indie samples or a craft kit for FREE! The items can be from my past Samplers, promotional items sent to me or something from my own stash!

How do I participate?
Leave your name and e-mail in a comment on this blog and I will add your name to the bowl. You can privately send me your e-mail address (indiecrafts AT craftgossip DOT com) but you must leave a comment with your name here in order to qualify. We will draw a lucky winner’s name on the 15th of the month and I’ll send out your prize!

October’s Give Away: A cool My Ductbills Kit from db Clay!



Want to have your items reviewed and get some indie promotion?

Send me a sample and I’ll review it for the Indie Craft Gossip Blog! Contact me at indiecrafts AT craftgossip DOT com Help promote the Indie Craft Giveaway with these badges!


  1. Kirsteen Coupar says

    I loved the kitchen kitsch patterns and the ribbon tote blog gave me the impetus to make my own! I’ve shared this site with my sister in law in Canada as well – it’s just brilliant.
    Would love to be counted in for the giveaway.
    Keep on blogging!


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