db Clay V3:Green Accessories pt. 1

Based in NE Portland, indie business db Clay creates unique wallets called pocket art. They have developed a proprietary printing process for transferring conceptual artwork and photographs onto their custom textile prior to stitching their one-of-a-kind fabric into a strong and beautiful billfold.

I was delighted to receive a sample of the newly released db Clay Version 3 wallet in the faith on jupiter design. Version 3 is made from Tope, their custom eco friendly textile. Tope is a specialized and sleek material that they’ve engineered specifically for constructing Version 3 wallets. Tope is a synthetic fabric similar (in texture) to a vinyl canvas. However it does not contains PVC. Made from non-toxic raw materials, Tope decomposes when buried, is chlorine chemicals free and is fabricated through a pollutant free process. Additionally, they print their beautiful patterns and photographic images using environmentally friendly inks.

I have used the wallet and can say it is extremely durable, well made and has a wonderful rich color palette. I have been a convert of vinyl accessories for a variety of reasons (animal free, easy to clean, durable and water proof) but have yet to encounter a “green” vinyl accessory with such conscientious construction from beginning to end! I would say the V3 wallet is one of those quality accesories that will last you a lifetime and leave you with a good feeling that your product leaves a very small footprint on mother earth! I love their slogan “When we think, empires fall” which was an e-mailed comment from marketing director Benjamin Diggles to founder Garett Stenson made in jest (at the time) though it rang true for a simple life lesson soon realized by both guys, the world is not flat. Here’s to all the folks at db Clay for realizing that  modern accessories need new innovations to meet the needs of our design oriented generation and green consumer ethics!


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    Now if we can only get the building industry to use “vinyl siding” that decomposes after time and that doesn’t off-gass. :) Beautiful wallets.

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    wow! thanks for such a great write up!

    we have been working hard and we are just getting warm. keep your eyes peeled for in 2008 we are introducing products specifically for women.

    omg yay!

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