Dirty Car Art – Scott Wade


Dirty Car Art

Ok I can honestly say when my car is dirty I  do not have any desire to put my fingers into the dust and start creating artwork.  Scott wade from Dirty Car Art does have that desire.  I just wonder what his wife thought about it the first time Scott yelled from the garage “honey look what I did to the car” with a child like innocence.

Scott’s car canvasses are not for sale but prints of his creations are and you can take a browse through his online gallery to see what catches your eye.

Scott wade has launched himself into international stardom with his artistic talent and for that he should be reconigsed as a true Indie Crafter.  I thought I better blog about him now (while he is still Indie)  before he turns his talent into something of a commercial nature and leaves us fellow crafters behind in the Car Dust (pun intended) .

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