was started by Rita and myself (Shellie) in 1999 as a independent craft resource site, we have struggled to get recognition in the crafting world by being mistaken for a large commercial company. (Can we help it if we look bigger than we are?) or worse in the early day’s as small time website.

We started our website after numerous years in the area of craft, teaching, retail craft and owning a gift store. We decided to launch it to provide resources for teachers, therapists, and craft enthusiasts in the year 1999. Since then, the website has grown tremendously in terms of content and resource information. is an independent craft website. We are not funded by any corporation, magazine or other entity. Our revenue is generated by the ads running on the site which help keep the site going by paying for our internet access, Website servers, product research & development and much much more. As you can imagine the running costs are endless and the ad’s are necessary.
We have over 1600 Craft Projects available on the website. These are not links to other sites we actually have 1600 projects on our own website. You can bookmark projects, submit your own projects and even rate projects.

We have a section devoted to Craft articles and Craft videos If thats still not enough craft for you then we have Craft Advice to answer all your needs.

So if you have some time and need some creative inspiration then drop by my website and take a look around.
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