SMASH Journal Giveaway!

For any diligent regular readers, I hinted yesterday in my review there’d be a way to win a free SMASH journal of your own and it’s here!

Five lucky CraftGossip readers will win their own SMASH Journal, plus a few accessories to get them started! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what you’d SMASH first. Winners will be selected at random. Contest closes at midnight on Saturday, June 30th PDT. Open to US mailing addresses only.

Not sure what a SMASH Journal’s all about? Check out my review here or take a look at the official SMASH blog.


  1. Bridget says

    Oh Baby I’d SMASH about how lucky I was to win one of these cool book. I have bought one for my niece and one for my daughter. Target had them on sale if they still are I getting one of the mini books, so if I win I’d be complete. lol

  2. Sherry Murphy says

    I would love to have a SMASH book all about me… I rarely scrapbook myself, so this would be a good excuse!

  3. Michelle says

    This is so cute! I would use it to SMASH our homeschool field trips for the upcoming school year!

  4. Judianne says

    I have had good intentions with starting scrapbooking, but this would be the incentive to jump right in. My smash would be my lovely grandkids.

  5. Kathy H says

    I’d smash my visit to Maine in August to visit my kids and grandkids! I’m planning to make lots of wonderful memories!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  6. Nancy says

    I’m taking my grand-daughter on a trip to Utah to visit her Aunt next month. Would love this to document the trip! Three wild girls with nothing but time and fun on their hands. Did I mention my grand-daughter is five? :)

  7. Naeemah says

    I love family memories. I have 3 daughters that would love a smash journal. They share so many experiences together st home and school. The smash journal would be great for them to share in creating a smash book of themselves.

  8. Cindy W says

    I started a SMASH journal when I was pregnant…. I’ve lost my baby and would like to start a new journal to help me through my recovery and hopefully my next pregnancy.

  9. Shaiha says

    Oh wow! This journal looks like it would be right up my line. Please enter me in the drawing.

  10. Caitlin K. says

    I just recently discovered the Smash journals which are totally my style of journalling. There’s all different styles to choose from and the accessories are amazing. That pen that comes with the journal is simply genius. I’ve already made one to celebrate a 10 year friendship, and I can’t wait to start on my next Smash journal.

  11. Diane says

    My daughter would love this especially since she is taking a trip this summer w/o mom and dad!

  12. Kim Hil says

    Ooooh, if I win one, I’ll buy another and let my boys “smash” whatever represents them – since Mom has totally failed at the scrapbooking thing…ahemmmm….

  13. marieHa says

    My blind friend´s daughter´s first years of life. I was taking photos of her, because her mum simply can´t.

  14. Jo Ann Bar-El says

    The Smash Journal would be wonderful for my first granddaughter (due next month).

  15. says

    The first thing I would SMASH is a page about my two babies…. my mastiff dogs Si and Skyler. They are my children, since I don’t have any human babies :). My smallest dog weighs 200 pounds and both have wrinkled, droopy, adorable faces. My second SMASH would be about my two feline babies, Happy Kat and Shadow!

  16. Kaylee says

    If given the opportunity, the first thing I would smash is all that this summer has offered me. In just a few short weeks, I’ll be heading to a new state all by myself w/o family (and it’s the first time ever), so I’d really like to document my experiences there. I’d also smash in pictures of my first real summer job! (: Fifteen years later, I’d love to flip through this book and remember all the wonderful times I’ve had, and reminding me that life is too short to not take chances. That’s what I would smash. (:

  17. says

    I love to create art, no matter the medium. This book seems like it would be perfect! I feel like this is going to be the point in my life I’ll remember for a long time, so anything right now is what I’d smash. (Prom, turning 18, college!)

  18. Summer says

    I would SMASH my last summer and semester of College! Every soon to be college grad could use a little Smash every now and again!

  19. Jackee says

    I would love to smash my trip to New Jersey this summer- it may be the last time I see my god father and I would love to smash it, so that I will never forget

  20. says

    I’d never heard of SMASH before I ran across this post, but I’m up for anything to help me get organized. Plus it looks like fun.

  21. says

    I’d Smash all of those little things I have around that take up space: old movie tickets, other old tickets, and little stuff I kept for a special moment. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Christine Bolin says

    I would love to win Smash things. I have all kinds of things I’ve collected over the years that would be great in a Smash book.

  23. Violet W. says

    I would smash a receipt first. It is from my husband buying me a zutter bind it all for my mother’s day/ birthday present. I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  24. Yolanda says

    Really good to organize my journaling and little moments as they go. THANKS for the opportunity to get one…

  25. Ppam Sisler says

    I would smash my to do journal . Right now I jot it down and work from a dollar store book that falls apart after a week

  26. Meg K says

    My girlie’s 1st b-day. Thanks for this, I love this “new” style of journaling! :)

  27. Jill B. says

    I would smash our annual camping trips to the local rennaissance fair! How great of a smash book would that make!

  28. says

    I always loved to scrapbook and doodle. This Journal can Smash that and writing all into one! That would be awesome! The first thing i’d smash would be How i got the journal and a quick intro about myself. Of course, a few pictures and doodles would be thrown in too! Pick meee! 😀 haha.


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