This is so neat! Fun for a girl or a boy! You can buy this fabric that acts just like a chalkboard surface. You can sew it, write on, and erase chalk from it.

Vogue Fabric Store has it for …

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lion9How adorable is this little kid in a lion costume? I think people go a bit overboard on kids Halloween costumes sometimes so I am in love with these DIY costume kits from She makes kits that help …

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gnomesWhat’s the best crafters crack you can think of? For me it is the Hancock’s of Paducah fabric catalog. Vim comes running in waving it over his head whenever it arrives in our mailbox, sometime’s it’s good for the WTF? …

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roadsideThis latest shadowbox by Roadside Projects features a girl in a mod dress with hat boxes strapped to the back of her magic green flying bike.

Jayme McGowan is the artist behind this original artwork, you can find her blog

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teacup06_whaleThis hand screened whale teacup calls to me. My kid would point to it and say “mama…baby” while pointing to the big red whale and the tiny other whale. He loves a big thing and a small thing together.…

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crankbunny zebra paper puppet pop-up cards noir darkThis zebra in a a smoking jacket drinking a cocktail puppet is so amazing!

“Festive Zebra” is a flat paper cutout puppet on a golden rod. Pull the decorative tabbed string and the Zebra takes a sip from his martini.

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I agree. Owls were the new unicorn and now long may the donkey reign. I’m pretty sure the KodKod will be next though.

Please to look at this outrageously cute cuckoo clock and donkey fabric panel hand printed in …

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my sewing machine
People love stickers and they especially love FREE stickers.

Back in the day I remember being so so happy when I found some colored sticker paper that I could run through the copiers at Kinko’s to make stickers that said …

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higdon sarah paintings animalsI love these paintings by Sarah Higdon.

In her artist statement she says,

At first glance, it is easy for someone to categorize my costumed animals as merely whimsical or gimmicky paintings with one-liner appeal. For me the animals

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crafty stickers catherine head chronicle booksI bought these cute as all heck Crafty Stickers (designed by Catherine Head) at the art supply store today.

I have no idea how I will use them but they satisfied my cute requirement for the day.


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The Yudo is a cute little self contained personal screen printing unit quite like a Gocco but not all obscure and hard to find and only about 300$. It looks to be about the size of a printer.

It’s brand …

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This is so cute!

The i needle u – needle man knitting needle gauge is on Ponoko and was designed by Olas in Trondheim, Norway.

I don’t knit but like, everyone else on the planet seems to. What better way …

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Nothing can quite compare to the instant thrill of a real Polaroid.

If you are not like me and haven’t stored up about 47 thousand boxes of polaroid film then you can just use this handy dandy tool that turns …

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Silver Pluma Pannier Set

Originally uploaded by Queen Bee Creations

I can’t wait for Queen Bee to start selling these! Check out these stylish bags that attach to the side of your bike. My only question would be, “how heavy …

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Oh Hai! I can’t type!

A while back a friend of mine (Hai MamaPajama!) sent me a link to these cute pillows by Joom. I really like these, the designs are original and the prices are perfectly reasonable. She has …

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