Today I’m reviewing a copy of Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave.

About the book-

Shooting with Soul is glorious and beautiful book for anyone who loves to take pictures. Whether you are an aspirational photographer, artist, creative mom, or …

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Today’s post is brought to you by ScotchBlue tape by 3M. The wonderful people at ScotchBlue sent me some tape to try out and the instructions to create this painted table runner (originally by Home Stories A to

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 Sew Together Grow Together : ISBN 9780992402006 RRP$24.95 AU

This book is by Trixi Symonds from Colored Sewing with kids can be fun but also a little frustrating, first you have to keep them amused and entertained …

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These amazingly artisitc mole skin blank journals are created by Camilla Olsson Art.

They are  plain journals (blank pages, no lines or squares) from Moleskine (Cahier). With a collage of vintages book pages on bottom and painted with acrylics and …

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This manly man round up of gift ideas is from Pottery barn, not exactly the first place I would have thought to go Man shopping.

Gifts for Guys Roundup from Potterbarn



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DD 1

Yesterday, I told you all about the basics of Design Dye. Today? I’m going to tell you about all the cool things beyond the basic “this paper dyes fabric!” excitement. Because Design Dye isn’t just a one trick pony–it’s got …

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Have you heard about the return of Design Dye? Design Dye is a unique fabric dye option that allows you to treat fabric dyeing just like you would paper crafting. Each sheet of Design Dye acts just like paper–you …

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Kantha Blanket

A few weeks ago the nice folks over at Uncommon Goods contacted me and offered me the chance to review their new Kantha Blankets. The Kantha Blankets are handmade in India, by workers who are protected under the fair trade …

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(Photo by K&Company: SMASH)

I was lucky enough last week to receive the above journal in the mail from K&Company. Smash Journals aren’t exactly scrapbooking, more like scrapbooking for those who don’t have time or patience for actual scrapbooking. (Although …

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Who knew that you could get tiny garden stuff of a tiny garden?! Every possible thing you might need to a tiny garden is on this website. MOST excellent for creating all those indie terrariums you young folk are making …

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Dry erase paint. As awesome, or awesomer, than chalkboard paint! The paint is clear so it just goes over whatever your wall paint color is.

dry erase paint – 30 sq ft –…

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I love that there are so many apps coming out to help the small creative businesses out there. You may have gleaned from reading this blog that I help organize the annual Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs. One of our …

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Intuit has a new iPhone app for business owners called Weave.

I have only just downloaded it and entered some things that need to happen for me this week. So far it has been easy to figure out and …

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You know there is a whole ‘No Shampoo’ movement out there. It’s really quite interesting. There are a ton of places online to read about and several techniques for keeping your hair clean and nice. Nicer than if you …

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Heehee. You must watch this video for Twinkie Chan’s new book. First off their necklaces say ‘Tight Hooker’. Ahahahaha. Second of all, how outrageously cute are they with their balls of yarn falling everywhere and their cute outfits?! I’m …

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