DIY No Sew Quilt Block Using Paper

I love this project that Donna from Purl3agony sent in. Donna doesn’t sew much, so she used recycled papers to create a piece of amazing wall art that resembles a quilt!

Here’s what Donna said about her project- “I love quilts, but sadly my sewing skills do not live up to my creative imagination. But using rolled paper strips, and with no sewing, I’ve been able to create colorful quilt blocks that are beautiful to look at and fun to make. I simply used bright bands of rolled paper strips to create the fields of color usually made with fabric! This project is a great way to recycle or upcycle old magazines, catalogs, maps, sheet music, and those small pieces of gift wrap that are too tiny to use for wrapping. This technique can be used to create other art projects too, including greeting cards and special holiday decorations!”

Get the DIY here- Create a No Sew Quilt Block Using Paper from Magazines, Maps, and Gift Wrap.

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