Artistic Journals By Camilla Olsson Art



These amazingly artisitc mole skin blank journals are created by Camilla Olsson Art.

They are  plain journals (blank pages, no lines or squares) from Moleskine (Cahier). With a collage of vintages book pages on bottom and painted with acrylics and pencils on top. The finished piece is then coated with a protective medium.

The journal is in the size of 13×21 cm or 5 x 8 1/4 inch. 80 plain pages, acid-free, inner pocket. The journal is other wise in craft paper that shows when you open the book and on the back. This is the perfect journal book to sketch, draw or write lists, notes or poetry in. Easy to fit in your hand bag.

Moleskin Journals $20.28 Etsy 


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