Upcycled Leather Bag


I really can’t make my creative  mind up about studs. Studs are one of those trends I couldn’t quite get into, sure I have a pair of shoes with a few on but that’s as far as I ever took it. What do you think? Are studs on the way out? Check out some of our other studded projects. Studded Handbag Tutorial.

Studded Hat

Studded Necklace

Studded Crop Tee

Studded Heels





  1. SusanR says

    As shown by the upcycling that was done by Vanessa, studs can take a very plain but good purse and turn it into a purse that has style. I’ve always loved purses with studs on the bottom, because they save the bottom of the purse from wear. As far as I’m concerned, studs should stay around, and just be used in moderation to add some flair.

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