Target Copies A Creative Blogger And Her Amazing Reaction


If you are in the creative loop then you will know all about this latest disappointment by Target. They recently posted a room design idea which looks beyond familiar. I don’t think there is any doubt that this design was copied from Mandi at 

(Original Design)


But what will shock you is her response!  Did she get angry? Did she demand compensation? No !  Basically Mandi said “If you love my designs then work with me”.  Amazing right? I think if it was me I would have kicked and screamed a little bit more and perhaps Mandi did all that in what I imagine to be her amazingly styled home.  She then dusted her self off, admitted her addiction to Target and politely asked to be taken on board.

If that is your dream Mandi then we are happy to support you. I just wish those “designers” that poor old target pay to “design” stuff actually try designing something of their own cause I am sure this is not the first time they have been caught out doing this shady stuff.

Full Target Copy Blog post can be viewed here.




  1. says

    I completely agree that copying designers’ work is wrong. However, all those bloggers that do Anthropologie knock offs and the like need to realise they’re also doing wrong. Yet the crafting world heralds them and they are heavily featured on round up blogs and the like… it works both ways. Worth bearing in mind perhaps?

  2. Pat schwab says

    At first I just saw similarities and thought big deal, lots of people have similar ideas. I have seen craft DIY’s that I did years ago with my kids on sites and I know my idea was original but since I don’t blog they didn’t steal my creative ideas. But when you look at all the details side by side, I was amazed. I mean look at the styling of the photography , it was even shot the same way. Kudos to the designer if she can make lemonade out of this. I don’t know if reaction could have been as creative as hers.

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