Book Review – Living Color

In Living Color (STC Craft | A Melanie Falick Book; March 2014; U.S.
$24.95 / Can. $27.95; ISBN: 978-1-61769-084-6)

This new book includes essays and interactive exercises
that allow readers to explore their creativity
Living Color speaks to aspiring artists and those who dream of
painting, writing and gaining confidence

Two decades ago, Natalie Goldberg was already an accomplished writer. She was
published and taught sold-out writing workshops around the country. Then she
picked up a child’s watercolor set and discovered how painting expanded her creative
vision and complemented her writing.

Goldberg presents thirteen essays on the importance of leading a creative life—and on truly seeing your

surroundings. First published in 1996, Living Color focused on living a more creative
life. Seventeen years later, the expanded and revised edition of Living Color includes
a new introduction on how Natalie’s work in both art and writing has evolved, plus a
new essay documenting her work with abstract art. Additionally, there are new
paintings to languish over, as well as twenty-two specific assignments for the reader
to complete—to begin discovering the visual expression of their environment.
Goldberg’s exceptional writing and her approach to making art will speak volumes to
a new generation of aspiring artists and to those who dream of leading a more
creative life.

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