Paper Snowflake Chandelier – Paper Kawaii


The time of snowflakes has come again! People all over the states are reporting their first snowfalls. Lucky for me, there’s none here in  my neck of the woods. But I think I might fix that by making a beautiful mobile/chandelier like the on in this image. This one is a Pottery Barn  piece, but the process to make one is pretty simple. First, make as many paper snowflakes as you want. For this, I highly recommend checking out Paper Kawaii‘s wonderful round up of paper snowflake tutorials! Then, grab something to use as the base–maybe an old embroidery hoop, but really, anything you can attach string to and hang will work. Finally, use fishing line or thread to connect your snowflakes to your base and your base to your ceiling. And your finished!


  1. kitblu says

    I’m thinking of a bicycle wheel to hang the snowflakes on, which is what it looks like in the picture, and hang it over my craft table. There is a big window and it will be seen from outside.

  2. says

    This is gorgeous. Michael’s has a perfect paper snowflake kit. Each kit includes twelve different snowflake patterns. You could knock out snowflakes pretty quickly.
    I might try to make one with blue and white snowflakes. Might even add a bit of glitter for sparkle.


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