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Halloween Zombie Siamese Twin Doll

If you’re looking over your Halloween plans, crafts, and décor and you think “Gosh, not enough zombies or creepy dolls this year,” Just Crafty Enough has got you covered. This tutorial will show you how to make a fabulously creepy zombie Siamese twin doll, perfect for upping your zombie count, sneaking in some more crafting, or recycling that dollar store Barbie knock off that’s missing some limbs. (I firmly believe that every dollar store fashion doll ends up with missing limbs eventually.) Cheap, fun, and just a little terrifying, I only wish I’d known prior to all those Walking Dead parties!


  1. Lisa King says

    I love this site and often find great ideas here. But I must say I am very unhappy to see this project here and I find it offensive. The correct term is not “Siamese”, it’s “conjoined”. And being conjoined is not something to be mocked or held up as creepy. It’s a medical condition that calls for great courage and sacrifice on the part of those affected by it. Shame on the original site for posting and shame on you for reposting.

  2. Bonnie A. says

    I love your site….BUT….I think this project is uncaring and inappropriate this is a medical condition and not something to be made lite of.
    I can see a lot of people being offended with this.
    Shame on the original site for posting and shame on you for re-posting.

  3. Linda says

    Come on guys lighten up. Every Halloween gimmick relates to a condition of some kind. missing limbs, deformed faces, etc.
    Political correctness goes overboard. These dolls are made up to be zombies, until you made your comments I didn’t even relate them to “real” conjoined twins which is an awful “mistake” of nature and DOES require an amazing strength of parents, family and the twins themselves. I would never think of doing anything to hurt those people dealing with this situation. But these are made into zombies, not as “real” people. Zombies come in all styles, perhaps omitting them would also send a message that they are too “terrible” to be included in the fun.

    Personally I love the project whether as “Siamese twins” or individually. I’m going to work on my own for next year.


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