Etsy Shop of the Week- JessiVanGundy

Goldfish Pot JessiVanGundy

This week’s featured Etsy shop is JessiVanGundy. The shop features the work of artist Jessi Van Gundy, who works in hand thrown pottery. Her pieces are beautiful examples of utilitarian pottery–pretty and functional. Her intricate decorations are achieved using the carving technique called sgraffito and stencils, and feature a wide array of nature inspired imagery. From birds to deer, butterflies and wasps, each is delicately rendered and surrounded by filigree. I love the yarn bowls as gifts for knitters and crocheters alike,  but my favorite is the goldfish pot. You can see all the pieces in the shop.


As always, if you know of a great shop waiting to be discovered, let me know!


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