Archibird Console Birdcage – SeeWhy Ateliers

Birdcage Desk

First of all, a confession–I love birdcages and birds. But I think, even if you didn’t have that love, you might fall in love with this lovely piece of furniture art, designed by Gregory Lafforest. The piece, created by SeeWhy Ateliers, features an integrated birdcage within a desk, a meshing of two functional pieces. And yes, this birdcage is functional and provides places for food and water for the birds within. The piece has a clean, modern look, even with its nod towards curiosity jars and decorative cages more associated with Victorian décor. A perfect example of how to blend styles and concepts within a single piece. You can see the entire making of photoset here.

Spotted on the always fabulous Dream a Little Bigger Tumblr.


  1. Donna says

    The bird cage could still be used as it was except without live birds. Incorporate plants and other things in the bird cage.
    Birds were born with wings to fly. You can’t fly caged up. We need to educate people. Not help them stray.

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