Custom View-Master Reels – Image3D

image3D reel

I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent with my face pressed up against a view-master as a kid. There was something magical about the way the pictures appeared 3D, no matter what the subject was. You can now recapture that same feeling by making your own custom view-master reels with the Image3D website. Founded by Rich Dubnow, the man behind most of the original view-master photos, Image 3D allows you to upload your photos, add 3D text captions, and buy both reels and view-masters. The process is simple; if you can upload a picture to Facebook, you can make a reel. Of course, at $30 for a starter set, this isn’t a cheap way to get photos printed, but it’s certainly a fun one. And for people who want to give them out as favors, gifts, invitations, or promotional items, the price per set drops depending on your order size. What a fun way to experience your photos in an age where most people don’t even get prints made!

The reel featured above was featured on the Image3D blog, which has tons of example reels to check out!


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