2 Different Takes on Faux-Taxidermy

microdino taxidermy copy

Confession time: real, actual taxidermy freaks me out. And I doubt I’m alone in that. But occasionally in decorating, especially rustic styles, your room just needs that old-time fur touch. Cue adorable fake taxidermy in two different ways. If you’re looking for a wall decoration, look no further than Eat.Sleep.Make. and the Micro-Dino Taxidermy tutorial. Utilizing cheap dinosaur toys, you too can have the look of mounted animals without the violence or creepiness. Or if a bearskin rug is more your style, check out gggreatwhite on Etsy. Her faux fur, 100% animal free rugs make a statement worthy of any manly man. And they double as a blanket with pillow which is way cooler than a real fur rug.

bear skin rug copy


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    Love the mounted dinosaurs! Wish I could have made them for my son when he was little, but I guess I’ll have to wait for GRANDsons now! (0;

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