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Heads up Etsy sellers! There’s a new app out there to help you grow your business. From AWeber, the Etsy Email app helps you create an email newsletter with a few clicks and automatically links back to your Etsy account, adding people who’ve bought from you directly to your email list. And to introduce you to the app, here’s some awesome information from Rebekah Hanson, telling you more about it:

Email: The Secret To Repeat Etsy Business

Repeat business helps your Etsy shop thrive. The service you provide before and after the sale kicks off a great relationship with loyal customers. But how do you make sure they remember you? Following up after a sale is crucial to fostering loyal relationships. Email newsletters are the best secret weapon to staying in touch with your customers and reminding them why they like your shop so much. Here are three big ways you can use email to strengthen your Etsy business:

Help Your Customers Remember You

Have you ever made a purchase and then forgotten who you bought it from months later? It’s easy to forget an Etsy shop when you don’t see its name anywhere after your purchase. Sending your customers a regular email newsletter can fix this. They see your name in their inbox and remember everything your shop stands for – your quality products, your fast shipping, the coupon code you sent as an extra thank you. They’ll want to buy from you again since you keep leaving an impression. You can’t just add your customers to a list and start emailing them, though. You have to get their permission first. Advertise your newsletter on your shop’s page or with your shipping notifications. Include a link where people can sign up. Explain the benefits and invite them to join.

Create A Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty card for your favorite store? You probably shop there more frequently to collect and redeem your points. Your email newsletter can act like an online loyalty program for your best customers. Reward your customers for shopping your Etsy store. Discount codes and secret sales can drive people back to your shop just like a reward points card. A little thank you to your loyal customers can go a long way in encouraging more sales, and they’ll probably tell their friends about you, too.

Make Customers Feel Good About You

Here’s a secret about repeat buyers: they’re emotional. They buy from you again because of how they feel about you. The more they like and trust you, the more they’ll buy from your shop. Email keeps this connection strong. Email is a very personal form of communication – more personal than social media because it’s one-on-one. And it’s easy to personalize with information tailored to your customers’ individual interests. Using an email marketing service makes it simple to target emails to what your customers like. You can get insight based on:

• The items they usually buy from you

• What they click on most in your emails

• Direct feedback they give you on what they like to read in your emails

The more personal and personalized you can make your newsletters, the more your customers will like you.

So How Easy Is It?

With everything you already do for your shop, you might not think you have time for one more marketing task. But there are plenty of tools to help you out. Building your email list can happen automatically. This Etsy email app adds customers to your email list when they make a purchase from your shop. You can also use a sign up form on your site or blog to invite visitors who haven’t bought from you yet. Want to create emails with a killer design that matches your branding? The same app lets you drag and drop in items you want to feature and customize a template with your banner.

Communicating with your customers regularly is the key to keep them coming back to your shop. Email is an easy way to stay in touch and bring them back for more.

Author Bio: Rebekah Henson blogs about building an online following through email marketing at AWeber, the leading email service provider for small-to-medium businesses. You can find more tips on marketing with email at the AWeber blog, or see how you can grow your own business with the Etsy email app.

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  1. says

    It is against Etsy TOU to email customers about anything but a current purchase. Each customer must opt-in to a newsletter program like this. Collecting the information automatically and spamming customers without their consent can get your etsy shop shut down.

    I’d look up the specific phrase in the Etsy rules, but it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. But I assure you it is NOT Etsy legal to do this.


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