Have you been to Goodsmiths?


Have you heard about Goodsmiths? An online marketplace for crafters and artists, Goodsmiths is a direct competitor to Etsy and growing by the minute. Because they’re still a fairly new (they launched last April) there’s a chance to get in on the ground floor and really work with them. Plenty of new features are in the works or launching soon and the Goodsmiths team is open to ideas for new features. The site is clean and easy to navigate for selling or buying. Browsing through the listings is fabulous! The categories are logical and it’s easy to find things.  There’s even a “Geekery” category to browse through if you’re looking for something fun and geeky. And I love that the page loads more listings automatically.

So why should you give Goodsmiths a shot? I asked Goodsmiths Community Builder, Riane Menardi and she had this to say:

What makes Goodsmiths a great opportunity for indie artists? We are the most affordable handmade marketplace out there — it’s free to set up shop and there are no listing fees. We only take a 2.5% transaction fee, so it’s great for beginners and established sellers looking to expand their market. And we’re actively involved in the handmade world ourselves — not only are we makers, but we travel to and sponsor indie fairs and events. We’ve had a presence at several Renegade fairs this past year and we’re sponsoring QuiltCon this month in Austin. We love connecting with indie artists in person and learning what they want in a handmade marketplace. If you see us, say hi!”
So what do you think, CraftGossip readers? Have you sold or purchased via Goodsmiths? If so, take a moment and share your experience below!


  1. says

    I tried to create an account on goodsmith’s, but their site keeps saying that my paypal account is no good– despite my using it daily for years!

    So I cannot set up shop. And there is no clear way to contact them to report issues like this. So I’m out unless they fix their support issues.

  2. Bryon Raper says

    I have an etsy shop and wanted to branch put. I set up a goodsmiths shop and so far the etsy shop is out doing the goodsmiths on about 60 to 0. Maybe I should have taken their offer to improve my shop. Same listings, descriptions and pictures but apparently I need to find the jet to e goodsmiths puzzle….I won’t be buying the key though.

  3. says

    Late to the party here but I sell on Goodsmiths. It’s struggling against the giants Etsy and ebay but the listing platform is easy to use and the search categories are clear. Wish more sellers would join us there. Thanks for mentioning this.


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