Review: 101+ Things to do with Glitter

I’m a girl who appreciates the fine art of glittering everything. So when my copy of 101+ Things to do with Glitter by Momtaz Begum-Hossain showed up in my mailbox, I was pretty excited.  101+ is a thick book practically bursting with fun glitter projects.

The first 29 pages of the book are your basic primer, catching you up on the history of glitter, how glitter is made, and the kinds of glitter, as well a few basic craft techniques to help you on your path to sparkleville. Even though I considered myself fairly knowledgable on the subject glitter, I learned some surprising facts. Did you know glitter is subject to a quality control to make sure it’s being cut into identical shapes?

The rest of the book is dedicated to all those glitter projects, which are divided in four categories: Fashion and Accessories, Homes and Interior, Gifts and Food, and Cards and Papercrafts. After spending some serious time perusing this book, I feel like there’s a project in here for every glitter lover. I absolutely adore the satin bridal gloves with glittery mendhi designs, featured in the picture above. And the plastic tube glitter bracelets were a fun flashback to my childhood. Kids will especially get a kick out of a lot of the projects–eating glittery fudge and cookies, decorating papier-mache letters and wreaths for their doors, and wearing sparkly bows and flip-flops. But don’t think it’s all for kids. There are plenty of projects in here that are aimed at adults, both in project level and project attitude. The Bond girl cocktail trolley would be especially fun if you’re craving a little more Bond after seeing Skyfall.

All in all, 101+ Things to do with Glitter delivers on its promise. I didn’t count, but there are certainly over a hundred projects explained, as well as other suggestions for alterations or variations. This isn’t a book that requires a lot of prior knowledge in any craft field; most of the projects are aimed at beginning or intermediate level crafters. However, I think any expert crafters who love glitter will find something fun within it.  You can read more about the book at on Vivay’s Publishing site or on 101+ Things to do with Glitter is available all leading bookstores, including Amazon.

(Disclaimer: Vivay’s Publishing provided me with a copy of this book, however I was not paid to write this review. The review and the opinions expressed therein are my own.)


  1. Sarah G says

    My favorite colour of glitter is gold because when I was a child I would make Reindeer Food out of porridge oats and gold glitter. I would then sprinkle it around our house so Santa’s Reindeer would know where to land.

  2. Jackie Posnansky says

    I love, love, love glitter!!! Any color! But I probably use more white glitter than any other color to make objects sparkle and shine. I hope I will be chosen to win! :)

  3. Louise says

    Extraordinary ideas. My granddaughter will go crazy over this book…assuming I’m willing to share it. HOT pink glitter for her and something extra sparkly for me.
    Many thanks for this book.

  4. says

    I love the crystal glitter. It reminds me of snow that is glistening in the sun. At christmas time I use a lots of glitter to make my arts and crafts. Packages stand out with glitter that has placed on each one.


  5. Jaylene says

    My favorite color is pink and I could make so many ornaments and put on stationary there are so many things to use it for hope I win

  6. Jann says

    This sounds like a must have for anyone who remembers buying their first jar of glitter and has not stopped. HEY, that is ME!!!

  7. Jann says

    whoops my favorite color– does rainbow count, every colors inthe world. If not Peacock from Judikins, followed by the news line from DSparklensprinkle. Cloud 9 velvet ultra fine glitter.

  8. Rose says

    What a great looking book. I like silver glitter the best because I think it can go nicely with any other color.

  9. Zan says

    I love all the gem colored glitters by Martha Stewart especially the Tourmaline.

    Thanks so much this giveaway offer!

  10. Honora says

    Glitter is a girls best friend!I love the translucent glitter that makes any color look glitter bombed. I use it to add an extra wow factor to my Sugar Skulls!

  11. Kris S. says

    Whoa! A whole book about glitter?! Sounds pretty awesome to me! I love using black glitter in my crafts – it goes with everything!

  12. Linda T says

    Who cannot love glitter, and then who could only pick one color. I love clear or even white.
    I have been using it today making cards. So much fun.

  13. Susan says

    Yay for Glitter! My first car actually had glitter embedded in the steering wheel from all the times I had glittering things in there. I always find myself attracted to the iridescent and opalescent like glitters though really I love anything that sparkles!

  14. Martha Rideout says

    The little kids at our local library would absolutely love all these glitter projects – and so would Miss June the Children’s Librarian!!

  15. Melitta Ball says

    I love all kinds and colors of glitter and would love to be the recipient of this awesome book! Thank you for the great review!
    Melitta Ball

  16. says

    Oh my word a book of glitter projects? what could be better… I am a glitter queen and if you check out my blog you will see I use lots of glitter and PINK is my favorite

  17. Deb Westbury says

    I am partial to Christmas colors of glitter, but think that all colors can be used on something

  18. Valerie Zagami says

    What a tough choice but I think silver is my most used and loved glitter color. Followed by pink, blue, purple, gold, red, yellow….
    Thanks for the chance to win..


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