Tree of Life Cards – Hebrica

I’ve shared the beautiful paper art of Kim Phillips before, but when I saw this beautiful Tree of Life Card in my inbox, I had to share it. 100% of the proceeds from this card go to Nechama, a Jewish organization dedicated to disaster response that offers both disaster relief and disaster preparedness training to all people in need. This card is also special, as it is made using paper that is made from the Lokta bush, a renewable resource that “provides a dependable revenue stream for village artisans in Nepal’s rural and urban areas” according to the Hebrica website. It just goes to show how you can affect so many lives with a single piece of art. Read more about it here.


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    Thanks for the great shout-out! My work is aimed at a fairly niche market ~ Jewish folk ~ for example the “barber pole” is a Torah scroll, which we turn to read…thus the twirly look. But non-Jewish people can certainly order it to send to Jewish friends for just about any occasion… bar mitzvah, etc… or just as a greeting card. Again, many thanks!

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