Cardboard Storage to Dollhouse – Kifli és levendula

My sister nearly had a heart attack the day I asked a Wal-Mart clerk whether I could have an empty cardboard display for crafting. After seeing the adorable doll house that Kifli és levendula built out of one, I’m tempted to go see if they have any more. How sweet a project for a little one to play with? Or for a miniaturist! Adult dollhouses are still cool. You’ve got to have someplace to display all of that beautiful tiny polymer clay food that’s floating around the crafting sites, right?


  1. CathyM says

    Great idea. I would have loved this when I was a kid, or even when my son was a kid (castle building rather than a doll house). Costco stores always have big bins of boxes like this free for the taking. I always grab a few. I’ve learned that the double walled boxes are the strongest, and often have a nicer finish. I actually use them to store crafts supplies in. If I’m lucky I find another box or tray style box that slides into the “shelves” like a drawer.
    Of all the things to be embarrassed about in this world, asking for a box shouldn’t be one of them. Especially at Walmart. Maybe if you were in Tiffany’s or something…

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