Sand Bowls – Leetal Rivlin

These sand bowls by Leetal Rivlin are amazing. Created using just glue, sand, and bowl forms, the unique shape and form of each one is what makes them special. I highly suggest checking out these close up shots on Designboom for a better look at how beautiful and sparkly the sand makes them. Gotta admit, I’m wondering how much sand is required to make one. Can you imagine how great a souvenir this would be of a trip somewhere exotic? It’s got me dreaming of beaches, certainly.


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    Just an FYI..Hi..After trying to find info on the Sand bowl project and others on Pinterest also trying, nobody seemed to be able to find the proper tutorial on how to make it. While I’m sure some crafty person could figure it out, it turns out it’s made and sold for $85 by the artist who is an industrial student in TelAviv. I do not know her but tracked down her website where you can buy it. If it was frustrating for me, others were also. Anyway the website is:

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