Solar Paper Lamps – The Flourishing Abode

I know I’ve already mentioned my love of lighting fixtures a couple of times, but these are too pretty not to post about. Those are solar-powered paper lamps by The Flourishing Abode. The best part? You can head right over to the blog to learn how to make them from solar-powered yard lights, paper, and some quick (or not so quick) origami folding. The featured ones were created with old encyclopedia pages, but I’m sure any pretty paper could be substituted for beautiful and easily interchangeable looks. What are you waiting for? Take a look!

Image via The Flourishing Abode


  1. tdee says

    Wow! Great inexpensive idea! Could use with photocopied images/photos for place markers for outdoor wedding, backyard birthday parties,etc. with photos of individuals or couples; could group a number of different height in a set for a centerpiece on a nighttime picnic table or inside camper. Or in a tent safely for nightlight users .


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