Steampunk/Industrial Sconce Lighting

The hardest part about being ahead of whatever trends hit mainstream culture is proving to others that “I really did think this was cool when you didn’t know what it was!” Case in point–Steampunk and Neo-Victorian Industrial looks. I spent years explaining Steampunk to friends and colleagues who shrugged and said they’d never heard of it. Now? Everyone knows. But the beauty of everyone knowing is that the amount of Steampunk goodness has EXPLODED on the internet. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Like this tutorial on industrial sconce lighting from The Painted Hive. Would this not be the perfect thing for an antique-industrial themed room? I would have never thought to raid my shed for plastic light protectors, let alone coat them in actual metal pigment paint that rusts realistically. (And with these card file drawers–also from The Painted Hive, some lace, and few brass trinkets…if only I had a room to decorate!)

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