Caged and Trapped

Sometimes the art/craft projects overshadow the rest of the blog with their brilliance. And sometimes the text of a blog distracts from the actual project. But in the case of Look Between the Lines’s post on her mixed media pieces “Caged” (featured above) and “Trapped,” the subject of her blog post and the images themselves created a perfect blend of commentary on the idea of personality versus artistic persona. As crafters, our personal image and our art don’t always match–which creates dissonance in the eyes of the consumers who view the creation and the creator as one and the same. But I’ve always thought that being true to your artistic vision and your self vision, however different they are, is of the utmost importance. So I sincerely hope that she will continue to create beautiful, expressive works for us to enjoy. Now, if you, like myself, are also super interested in how to create such a mixed media piece, this post on “Caged” has a fabulous peek at how the process for encaustic wax/mixed media paintings work. It might be enough to inspire you to dig the canvases and the paints out of hiding.


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