Plastic Animal Hangers – different takes on the same craft

Plastic Animal Coat Rack

One of the beautiful things about the internet is getting to see different crafter’s takes on the same project. For instance, you might remember the Anthropologie inspired toy animal rack from Craftzine’s how-to video last summer. Or maybe you just spotted it like I did in this fantastic tutorial from the amazing Karin and Freja of Pysselbolaget, which is so well photographed that I understood everything, regardless of it being entirely in Swedish.

Either way, I think this project is amusing and versatile enough for a lot of different takes. Pysselbolaget’s monochromatic version makes it a little more pop art  than the folksy, rustic look of Crafts, but both versions are fun! Personally, I’d love to see one scaled larger and used as a coat rack. Maybe a trip to my local toy store is in order…



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