Road Sign Fence – Instructable

I don’t know why I love old road signs but I do. I covet them. I would totally have this fence if I could but it’s really not that easy to get old road signs. Or if it is, I haven’t figured out how.

Anyway, if you do happen to have a largish stash of old road signs there are tons of things you can do with them. Here is the intractable for making this fence: Road Sign Fence.

Here’s a road sign coffee table Instructable.

These stools are pretty cute.

Oh interesting… Here is a news article from Seattle in 2007 saying that they are replacing most of their road signs and selling off the old ones. So, I’m guessing cities do that periodically.

You can also go on eBay. I’m tempted, for sure but Those suckers are HEAVY so I imagine the shipping must be way high.

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