crazy mom quilts: doll bedding tutorial

Long ago I made the start of a doll quilt and I finally finished it!! But upon doing so I realized that I would now need to create a whole set of doll bedding. I’ve been dreaming about it. Crazy Mom Quilts has a nice doll bedding tutorial. Although I also need to make a mattress and a fitted sheet. Wish me luck.

crazy mom quilts: doll bedding tutorial.


  1. says

    I still have the quilted carriage coverlet my mom made for my doll when i was 4 years old. She made it out of scrap silk like pink material. It is over 70 years old now and still looks like new.

  2. Roseanna says

    I loved her tutorial and in fact made a whole set of bedding for the beautiful doll bed, handmade by my talented husband, for our granddaughter. It was for her American girl doll.
    The pillows and pillowcases are adorable. (I enjoyed playing with it myself, before it was wrapped for her 6th birthday!) You can see it here.

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