Tapirs! Eat! Bad! Dreams!

Last night my 3 yr old told me that ‘tapirs eat bad dreams’. It took me a while to even figure out what he was saying and so I had to look it up this morning. It’s true! Tapirs or ‘baku’ are a Japanese mythological being that eat dreams and nightmares.

Also, apparently a dream eating tapir is the newest San-X character named Oyasumi Bakura! I like how she has her blanket with her.

Check out these cute toy tapirs made from sweaters!   Sweater Toys! Tapirs.

Find more outrageously cute plushie tapirs (but none for sale right now) here all made by tapirgirl.


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    um. surely it didnt sound like i thought tapirs weren’t real…. also, i know dream eating isn’t real and i no longer believe n teh tooth stealing rats either!


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