Crafting to kick cancer – An Etsy store has set up this Etsy shop in order to raise money for the Cancer Kicker Foundation. I couldn’t find any real info about this Foundation and where the money goes as their web address just resolves at a facebook page.

Here is what their Facebook page says:

The Cancer Kicker Foundation is the vision of a former University of Michigan placekicker, Phil Brabbs, who was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma on 8/8/08; just one day after his 28th Birthday., the online home of The Cancer Kicker Foundation, is a platform for building cancer awareness along with generating funds to help support additional research specifically in the area of Multiple Myeloma, along with providing patients with new and innovative technology tools to communicate to one another along with tracking all their lab data….and there’s a lot of it!

Phil Brabbs is most notably known for his last second kick in 2002 to beat then ranked #9 Washington as it earned him ESPN’s play of the week. You can view the kick here: (fast forward to the 5:20 mark).

Phil plans to apply his competitive spirit along with his education and skillset to help us all get ahead of cancer in the race for a cure so we don’t have to wait for a last second kick!

The Cancer Kicker Etsy shop has many great items in it. You can buy something or donate something although before doing either I would contact them to ask exactly where the money is going.

All proceeds go to University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center! Thanks for letting us know!


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