Making seed packets

Making cute seed packets is fun and it’s nice to make such a practical thing yourself. We let a bunch of our garden plants just go to seed this year so We had about a million tons of coriander, some lettuce, arugula and a few others. You can just use a regular mailing envelope but us crafters often like to make work for ourselves and here’s how:

The Allotment Junkies have a nice print out template. you print these, cut them out and can either gulue or tape the packets together.

I like the origami versions too. With these you do not need a printer or tape or glue, just any paper will do. I like using just a brown paper grocery bag. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener has a tutorial for an origami seed packet. Over at Maggie Wang‘s site she has a tutorial showing how to make an origami packet that is like a cute little tent shape.

Crafting a Green World has a nice tutorial for making seed packets out of paper grocery bags. Her tutorial includes a quick one on how to use open source graphics programs like GIMP (good if you don’t have photoshop!) and how to get your grocery bag through your printer. I like how she combines it with making herself a business card!

More cute print out templates can be found at Around the House, Vale Design, and Content in a Cottage.

Alternately, ideas for recycling your store bought seed packets (besides saving them for more seeds from your plants…)
Check the comments on this post by Recycle This for some good ideas!

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