Make a big mess

One of our favorite things to do around here is to make a gigantic mess. Over the weekend I let my kid spill out a giant box of packing peanuts and he rampaged around in them breaking them up into impossible to clean up clingy little evil chunks.

Just now i let him dump out a huge box of packing paper. He made a lair out of the box and then rampaged around in all the paper throwing it everywhere. My blind cat is a tad disturbed to say the least.

Last week I ordered some Crayola window crayons from Amazon. Okay, okay, it’s not indie AT ALL to order a Crayola product from the internet but it has been super fun and I highly recommend it for grownups and for kids.

I wish I had taken a photo of my “the Great Escape” scene… I did find this awesome site called Artful Kids and you can check out her post about her adventures with window crayons. this site has lots of fun kid art projects!

The photo credit for this post goes to the Artful Kid from flickr.

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