Boat Ephemera

I just saw this tweeted by @Etsy on twitter via and I love it. It’s a project called “Little Drifters” in conjunction with The Vancouver Sun.

Anyone can participate by making a little boat out of natural materials and take a picture of it.! Fun! I think my kid and I will try this out at Lake Merritt this week!

E-mail your photo to: with “Little Drifters” in the subject line. Look for it to appear in the Arts & Life section of The Vancouver Sun newspaper and of course there will be a gallery here!

IMPORTANT: This project is open to ANYONE, if you don’t live close to Vancouver and can’t meet up with us that’s OKAY! Find any body of water and take your photo there! Maybe you can organize a little picnic at a local park of your own! That would be amazing! Snap a photo of your “Little Drifter” and send it in along with the name of your city and the name of the park, pond, lake, whatever.
The deadline to email in your photos is Monday July 26th.

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