Button Font – Also now with analog instructions!

Very cute free button font that makes letters using simulated thread through the holes in buttons, if your button had nine holes. did that make sense?

The site is in German but here is a translated page of instructions for making the letters with real buttons and thread.

And here is where you can download the font for your computer!

Okay, I couldn’t quite figure out the German site for ordering that actual nine hole buttons… but here’s the link.


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    I just went to check out the website where you can order those 9hole-buttons. I am German … and I think the site only sells to Germany, European Union and Switzerland. At least they do not state a shipping cost for other countries …
    If you want to buy it 4 buttons are 9Euros … and you just have to put them in your “basket” (Warenkorb) …
    Maybe that helps? If you have a question I would love to help … just drop me an email …

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    oh cool! that you for look into that. i can use babelfish to translate most of the site but it still makes a little too nervous to actually order!

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