Make stuff for your kids

Check out this cuter than cute toy kitchen that Vickie Howell (of Craft Corps fame) made for her kid.

I’m inspired to have this be Make Stuff For Your Kids week!


  1. zombiegrrrl says

    It’s SUPER cute! I love the idea. I gotta wonder about the cost, though. I didn’t see in her description any sort of total monies spent (plus the time of course). It IS very cool and inspiring, regardless. It will certainly make me think twice about a nightstand at a yard sale.

  2. says

    That is such a sweet idea! So clever. I bet spending time at renovation, salvation, and garage sales you could come up with some really creative combinations of hardware, and if patient not spend very much beyond time and effort. Although I would be curious to know how much that particular kid’s kitchen costs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    i think this kitchen could be done fairly cheaply. buying sample tile sheet or just a few tiles is pretty cheap. Alternately you could just decoupage some pretty paper on to it. I did that for my kids play kitchen. shoot, i can’t find a picture. (i need to keep up with my tagging and sets!).

    you could use paint left over from another project, etc. you get the picture.

    My kids kitchen isnt as cute as this one but it works!

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