Blank nesting dolls – So many possibilities!

I’m dying for someone else to execute all my blank nesting doll ideas…

– eskimo, polar bear, seal, penguin, penguin egg (or maybe an awk).
– set of 5 cthulhus
– set of 5 cryptids
– sharks or octopi

I wonder how much clearance each one has? could one decoupage these instead of painting them?!

Only 12 dollars at ReForm School!


  1. cathie says

    oh wow…..there ARE so many ideas….Perhaps you could have a contest? I already have oh so many ideas…monsters, aliens and cats OH MY!! ohh and movies, and literary and sci-fi!!!….

    sorry gotta go order my Blankie Dolls!!

    thanks for the tip!

  2. Karen Newman says

    For uniformity I’d use a stencil of some kind, could even create my own and reduce down one-by-one. Could also cut out from photos and decoupage different scenes on each doll.

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