Cultivate Domesticity with this cute measuring tape wallet!

I saw this wallet at my local sewing store this weekend whilst I was buying myself a serger. (Serger!! I’m so excited! GAH!). The ones I looked at were super cute (wallets I mean) and sturdy and well made.

These wallets are made out of real measuring tapes.

This wallet is not only a great conversation piece, it’s also very sturdy and thoughtfully made. Since I carry this wallet myself, I’ve had time to perfect the design so it’s sleek and versatile. I need a wallet that’s small enough to fit in my pocket yet able to hold a million cards, dollars (wishful thinking), and random stuff I find along the way. This wallet does all of those things.

You can read more about her domestic endeavors here.


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    Thank you for the great review! I’m so glad you saw the Measuring Tape Wallets at Sew Images – and congratulations on your new Serger! I’ve recently relocated to Hawai’i, so the wallets aren’t available at the Oakland/Berkeley retail stores – but they are still up on Etsy! Thanks again, I just found this post and it made me so happy.

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    oh gosh! have a great time in Hawaii! that’s awesome! I just looked at your blog again and see you are doing worms. i LOOOOVE my worms. they are so happy. I like how they collect in the egg shells.

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